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Accendo Insurance Company: Addresses Patient

RxAmerica and Accendo Insurance Company provide drug benefits to Medicare Part D beneficiaries. Today, they issued the following statement regarding a patient information issue:

“RxAmerica insurance industry Company and Accendo Insurance Company have notified Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in their Prescription Drug Plans that certain of their personal information might have been exposed during recent transition fill letters to doctors. The mailings were correctly addressed and received by the intended recipients. However, the formatting of the letters was changed to shift the text, which allowed some lines of text to be seen through the envelope window.

“Personal information that might have been exposed in the envelope window were the member’s name, along with some combination of member ID numbers, drug names and dates of birth. Affected were approximately 175,000 members. There was no other information at risk and there is no evidence of improper use.

“RxAmerica insurance broker Company have a high priority in protecting the privacy and security of their customers and plan members. We are diligently working to improve policies, procedures and technology to prevent this type of incident from happening again. Our health care operations are centered on protecting the privacy of our customers’ personal data. We have fixed the issue surrounding the letter and are now offering credit monitoring, identity theft counseling and fraud services to affected members through one of the major credit agencies, free of charge, for a year. Every affected plan member will receive a communication outlining the services and how they can be used.

RxAmerica’s is a subsidiary of CVS Caremark. It provides drug benefits for eligible beneficiaries who are part of the Medicare Part D program. Since 2006, RxAmerica has offered Part D plans.

Accendo Insurance Company Additional Information

Accendo Insurance Company was established in 1955-12-08. A Life pet insurance oregon company, has assets of 12,401 086, capital of $2,000,000, and net surplus $8,724,077.

Todd Dean Meek is the president of Accendo Insurance Company, while the treasurer and secretary are. Insurance plans offered by Accendo Insurance Company include

  • Health and well-being are the key to a happy, healthy life.
  • Can be reached at Salt Lake City, UT.
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