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Atlanta restaurants, regardless of whether they’re Thai, sports bars, or tapas, must have ATL Wings. ATL Wings are not something that was invented in ATL. However, Atlanta has adopted ATL Wings as its cultural cuisine. These are some of the best wings in Atlanta!

B&L ATL Wings

There’s no turning back once you’ve tried the hot honey lemon pepper wings from B&L Wings. B&L ATL Wings was started by a husband-and-wife duo. They have a loyal following that keeps them selling out week after week. B&L’s sweet blue cheese, ranch fried okra and crispy wings are all delicious. You will fall in love with them and order them for pickup this weekend.

Clay’s Sports Cafe

Clay’s Sports Cafe is a great choice for wings that are crispy and deliciously sauced. We love that the prices are reasonable, especially considering the location. Takeout and delivery available!

Firepit Pizza Tavern ATL Wings

Atlanta Eats’ best-rated meal was the dry rub unicorn ATL Wings from Chef/owner Leslie Cohen at Firepit Pizza Tavern. It features an unusual blend of ranch, lemon pepper and sugar that creates a unique flavor explosion in your mouth. The ATL Wings are crispy and worth a visit for any wing lover. But there is so much more to this Grant Park women-owned restaurant. You can order takeout or delivery from this restaurant, and you’ll love the neighborhood vibe.

Fox Bros BBQ

Fox Brothers BBQ is Atlanta’s most popular BBQ spot. The BBQ is Texas-style, and the brisket melts in your mouth. They also have fried ribs, which are the perfect cheat meal. If you are a fan of smoked wings, they have plenty to offer. It will take some time, but the rewards will be worth it. Pick-up available.

Hoots ATL Wings

Anyone else have a passion to eat Hooters’ breaded wings. Their new Hoots’ Wings restaurant is now open in Reynoldstown, Peachtree Corners and Decatur. We are thrilled that they are bringing their ATL Wings all over the country. There are many sauces and rubs available. Try the Parmesan Garlic and hot honey sauce.

Jack’s Pizza & Wings

Old Fourth Ward can seem like it’s all $18 cocktails these day, but Jack’s Pizza & Wings is a great dive spot that offers great beer and delicious wings at a very affordable price. Jack’s Pizza & Wings offers great vibes, pitcher discounts, and great well drinks. For a fun twist, try the strawberry lemon pepper wings combo!

J.R. Cricket’s

This Atlanta institution must be included in our list. J.R. Cricket opened his first shop in the 1980s. He has been selling wings since then, and really helps to spread wings. Blue cheese is made by them and the wings are never frozen. You must try their lemon pepper wet wings. They are served with a medium sauce, and sprinkled with lemon pepper sprinkles.

The Local

It’s perfectly normal to have your favorite wing spot at a bar. This is a great place to have a quick drink with your friends and enjoy delicious wings. They are the perfect place for karaoke Mondays if you’re looking to have a good time. You can’t go wrong when it comes to wing flavors. But, their Korean BBQ ones are also great!

Magic City

We don’t know if Lou Williams was just looking for Magic City wings, but strip-club wings are definitely a thing in Magic City. One Yelp reviewer wrote, “If I could fill my tub with Magic City Kitchen wings, and climb into it, I would not hesitate to do that.” They also offer takeout.

Nam Phuong

We are truly fortunate to have Buford Highway, a place that serves the finest international cuisine in Georgia. Nam Phuong, a Vietnamese gem, has a Vietnamese take on chicken wings. The wings are extra crispy and the sauce is perfect. You’ll be back for more. Nam Phuong’s addictive wings are down to one thing. The addition of fish sauce, which is a staple in many Southeast Asian cuisines.