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Biggest Political/Business Mistakes

In the United States, The Past 10 Years

Research will reveal that there have been political scandals since the inception of politics. Because greed and grandegos are linked to having money and authority, many politicians get involved in scandals, from affairs to abuse of power. Here’s a list with the top 4 political scandals that have occurred in the United States in the past 10 years.

“Millions of people lose their private data”

Year: 2013

One of the biggest data breaches in personal history began just a month ago, almost a month before Target made it public. Hackers gained credit card numbers, pin codes and email addresses of more than 100 million people during peak holiday season. Many states enacted laws to ensure that victims of cyberattacks are notified promptly. Target was one of the most prominent businesses to encourage chip readers after this happened.

“The Largest Political Protest Quickly Comes to an End”

Year: 2017

Protesters, more than 3 million, blocked the streets of capital in protest of Donald Trump’s election. They wore pink hats and held signs protesting racism, climate change and homophobia. They all wondered what the next step was after they returned home. The number of protesters who tried to organize the same protest in 2019 dropped significantly by the third attempt. This was mainly because women of color were questioned about their representation and there were also accusations of anti-Semitism.

“The Mannequin Scandal.”

Year: 2017

Joshua Cooper, a political consultant for Governor Rick Scott, was caught with a large piece ice. It resembled the male genitals and was close to a mannequin as Scott Cooper Miami Beach resident indicated. Although he claims it was a photo taken from a strange angle, it caused many controversies

“Technology Optimism Died Down”

Year: 2014

Elizabeth Holmes, a 2014 cover girl for Fortune magazine, was accompanied by the caption “This CEO is outof blood” beneath her photo. A year later, the fake 9 billion-dollar health startup tech that was supposed to test a wide variety of blood conditions was exposed as utter fabrication. Although it was shocking, it is just one of many scandals that has caused people to distrust Silicon Valley startup companies that claim they will change the world.


There have been many political scandals in the past decade. The ones we mentioned above have caused quite a bit of controversy. Now that you have a better understanding of some of the most scandalous political events, you may want to open a new tab and look up other scandals that took place in the past ten years.