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Many homeowners are becoming more aware that their windows may be leaking cool or warm air. Most homeowners choose to replace their old windows with energy-efficient windows. This will not only lower their heating and cooling costs, but also increase their home’s security. It’s a lucrative business to start a window-installation business. However, you need to know the following:

You need to get trained + obtain a license

You must first get properly trained. This could be done by applying for the “Installation Master” or “National Glass Association” programs. Once you have completed the training, you will need to contact your local building department to find out what type of license is required. They will tell you what type of license you need depending on where you live.

Buy a vehicle + the tools & equipment you’ll need

After you have completed your training and obtained the required license, you can purchase a commercial vehicle to transport all the tools, equipment and materials that you need for the job. Don’t forget to get the tools and equipment you need to complete the job.

A glazing robot is one example. It can lift and transport heavy windows and also install them. There are many models available on the market. Don’t buy the first model that pops up in your search. Instead, find out more about the options.

Get Insured

This article will help you remember one important thing: you need to get insurance. Why is this so important? Your clients will be covered if you are unable to perform a job. Your insurance company can provide insurance.

Look for a reputable and experienced supplier

It is important to work with an experienced supplier. But, it is even more important to choose someone who offers a broad range of windows, including vinyl, fiberglass, wood clad and double-pane. You should get a few samples to start building a portfolio to show your clients.

Marketing your business is key

Without a strategy to market your business, you won’t succeed. You should not only print flyers and door hangers but also a website. This will allow you to display all information that your clients may need before they hire you.

Do not forget the Contracts

The last thing on our list but equally important is the fact you need to create contracts that include the job you have to do, the guarantees that you offer, the length of the job, the installation methods, and the cost of the job. It will make your business appear more professional.


You should follow the steps in this list if you are thinking of opening a window-installation business. This will make the process less difficult and more manageable. But, it will also ensure you do everything correctly, which can help you succeed.

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