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Here are the top ten ways to stay healthy

It can be hard to stay healthy and fit. So what can you do? Here are 10 great health tips.

Reduce salt and fat in your diet

A high intake of fat and salt in your diet can lead to a variety of chronic diseases that can impact your entire life. Salty foods can lead to high blood pressure, which in turn increases your risk of developing serious heart disease. Two-thirds of British citizens eat too many saturated fats. This can increase your risk of developing heart disease or stroke. Canada Drugs Direct is an online pharmacy that provides the delivery of your prescription by mail. We can help you locate your medication online and ship it right to you. We are a registered member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and are aware of the importance of having access to affordable, convenient medicines.

Be aware of your weight

Nearly four out of ten men in England are overweight. Obesity is responsible for nearly 9,000 premature deaths every year. It also reduces the life expectancy by nine years. Overweight can cause many health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes, and even cancer.

Healthy eating

Aim to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day in order to have a balanced and healthy diet. Research shows that 400g of fruits and vegetables daily can reduce your risk of developing health problems.

Get a better night of sleep

Adults can experience sleep problems at any time in their lives. Around a third of the population in the Canada is thought to suffer from insomnia. On average, most adults sleep seven to nine hours per night. Insufficient sleep can have serious consequences for your personal and professional relationships, as well as delay the healing process from illness.

Stop smoking

Smoking is a known cause of death. However, the health benefits that can be obtained by quitting smoking are immediate. Within 20 minutes, your pulse and blood pressure will return to normal. Within 24 hours your lungs will begin to clear up. Your life will be longer if you quit smoking. Studies have shown that quitting smoking can increase your life by up to 10 years.

Check your lumps

One in three people in England will experience some form of cancer in their lifetime. Although cancer is more common in the elderly, it can also occur at any age. The chances of survival are higher if these deadly diseases are detected early. You should get checked for cancer if you notice any changes in your body such as a mole or unexplained weight loss. This could save your life.

Reduce your alcohol intake

Although it is not unusual for people to drink more alcohol than they should, very few people are aware of the long-term health risks associated with excessive drinking. Alcohol overconsumption can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and other diseases. The risk of suffering a stroke is three times greater for men who consume more than three to four units per day (regularly).

Do more exercise

There are many health benefits to exercising, and they don’t just include weight loss. You can still reap the benefits of simple exercises even if your body is slim. A small amount of exercise can reduce your risk of major diseases like stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetes by as much as 50%. Regular exercise can reduce your risk of premature death by 20%+

Stress can be a problem

Around 400,000 people in the Canada reported that stress from work was making them sick in 2010. Untreated, stress levels can rise, leading to further health problems like high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.

Test it

One of the most dangerous side effects of STDs can be that there may not be any symptoms at all. If Chlamydia goes untreated, it can affect a woman’s ability and fertility to have children. To maintain a healthy, clean sex life, it is important to have your sex checked on a regular basis.