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Rightsteps offers mental health training

Mental health support

We recognize that mental health support should be a top priority for both our members and customers.

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We recognize that many people with mental illnesses feel discriminated against and have difficulty finding the right insurance.

We have created an online platform for mental health training to help frontline staff understand mental health and offer support when interacting with customers.

This platform was developed in collaboration and Rightsteps employee health and wellness specialists. It is intended for anyone who deals with insurance customers. It is:

No cost

If you feel it is relevant to your professional growth, this can be included in your CII / Personal Finance Society CPD requirement.

  • This site is designed to give practical skills and advice.
  • Three knowledge and skills areas in mental health are targeted
  • It is easy to complete online in approximately two hours or about 30 minutes per module, which can be done separately.

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Increase your knowledge about mental health

Our goal is to improve the customer experience by listening and providing relevant and helpful insurance advice. This process is made possible by the close collaboration between customers and frontline insurance employees.

Rightsteps, employee health and well-being specialists, has developed our mental health training module. This online course, which is CII-accredited, is simple and practical. It’s designed to assist insurance advisors in improving their knowledge of mental health and how they can support customers with mental disorders.

The course takes approximately two hours to complete and consists of three modules that can be taken separately.

  1. Introduction to mental health

Increase awareness and understanding about common mental health conditions.

  1. How to manage conversations

Learn how to have open, honest, and productive conversations with customers in insurance.

  1. Management of crisis and individual vulnerability

To help people in a mental crisis, improve your communication skills.

We understand that customers and members alike are concerned about improving their mental health. The online training course will teach you how to understand and treat customers with mental health issues. It also helps you find specialist advice and information on insurance.

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  • Mental Health UK has conducted research that shows:
  • 86% of those with mental illness claim they don’t know where else to get independent advice about insurance.
  • 68% feel they are unfairly discriminated because of their mental state.
  • 45 percent of respondents feel distressed by the process of applying to insurance.
  • 56% want to know if an applicant’s mental state will impact their application.

What we can do to help?

We can help our customers get the insurance they need by listening to their concerns, understanding them, and offering thoughtful advice.

ABI figures for 2019 show that PS60.5million was paid out in Individual Income Protection Claims for Mental Health, with an average claim at PS15,728.

All of us can improve our understanding of our customers’ mental health, and enable our frontline staff to be more confident in their support. Customers and employees will both benefit and so will business performance.

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We can all have a positive and open attitude toward mental health and make a difference for our customers and the entire insurance industry.