Boxing Pad Beginners often throw all Combinations at the same Time Although this is not a bad thing, it can lead to a stagnant Boxing Pad training environment and poor habits that will eventually affect your fighters. You can have some serious fun and style by changing the pace or timing of your training, rather than just changing the combination.

Boxing Pad For example, take a double jab and cross

  • You would see the standard rhythm as “Jab, Jab, Cross”, which is usually performed by a boxer.
  • You can easily throw your opponent and pad holder out of the ring by simply changing the tempo.

Below is a Slight Adjustment in Timing

  • Jab WAIT, Jab Cross
  • Jab WAIT  Cross
  • Now you have 3 ways to accomplish the same combination.
  • These small adjustments can give your pad training a new flavor!


  • Boxing pads and all combat sports are covered.
  • Your offensive and defensive strategies will be aided by your footwork.
  • Regular boxing pad work adds a serious challenge and focus to every session.
  • Instead of staying put and throwing 100 punches at your partner,

You can learn to put your foot on the target, which will add power and mindfulness to any combination.

You can also use other drills like cutting angles, pivoting and stance switching to give your pad work that extra challenge.


Nothing is more frustrating than watching your fighter get hurt in the ring.

Upper body movement can be used for defense, but it can also increase punching power and give boxers a great challenge when throwing pads.

  • These movements include leaning, weaving, ducking, weaving, slipping and more.
  • For a great challenge for your mind and body, add some of these movements to your workouts.


  • Friendly pad holders can do the same.
  • Professional pad holders know that punching is just one part of boxing.
  • Although blocking a punch might not be as exciting as throwing one at it,
  • It can save you from injury inside and outside the ring, while also keeping your brain active and ready for whatever comes next.
  • A simple blocking or parrying drill can transform a drill into a complete boxing pad package.