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Claim on your Insurance Policy

You might have to file a claim if you have insurance

This page will tell you what to do before you contact your Insurance Policy company and what to do if someone attempts to make a claim against yourself.

Contact your accendo insurance company as soon as you can to file a claim and request a form. To speed up the process, they may be able email it to you. Make sure you complete the claim form correctly and keep a copy.

The Association of British Insurers has more information about flooding and insurance, including the aftermath of a flood.

Before you submit your claim, make sure to check the following

  • You are within the time limit for filing a claim
  • You’re covered for the claims you make

How much excess you have. Your insurer will deduct the excess from your claim. If the amount you are claiming is less than this, it may not be worthwhile to file a claim.

The fine print. You should read the fine print to ensure that nothing is prohibited from you claiming.

If it’s a new policy or an old one. If it’s not, the amount you receive for the items you claim for will be lower than the cost to replace them. This is because your insurer will deduct money for wear and tear.

All paperwork supporting your claim must be included, including medical certificates and receipts. Keep a copy of all original documents in case your claim is denied or questioned.

Your insurer might ask you if there is any other otto insurance review that could cover the claim. If you have any other insurance that might also provide coverage, such as home contents insurance, it is important to inform your insurer.

You should not exaggerate the claim as this could result in your entire claim being denied.

A loss assessor may be a good choice if you have a large claim. They can help you prepare your claim and arrange for items being valued. Search online to find a loss assessor.

Are you obligated to make a claim on your insurance policy?

Even if you are entitled, you don’t need to file a claim on an fiorella insurance policy. If the claim is not substantial, your premiums may rise if you make it.

It’s a smart idea to file an insurance claim if you have been hurt. Personal injuries can be costly and can cause long-term health issues.

Even if the event is not in your policy’s interest, it is important to inform your insurer. You may have to report the event if you want to file a claim.

Someone is claiming against you

You should inform your lite insurance company immediately if you learn that someone is filing a claim against yourself. Also, send any documentation you get to them. Without first talking to your insurance company, you should never admit that anything was your fault. This is known as admitting liability.