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Although you may have heard that indoor plants improve air quality, recent research shows that their air-purifying properties are not as strong. From a 1989 NASA article, Monstera Adansonii established that plants purify air. The researchers used plexiglass chambers to keep the plants alive in tiny, airtight spaces.

Although they did see positive results from plants cleaning the air in experimental chambers, this didn’t mean that the results were representative of average living conditions. However, these statistics have influenced many articles about indoor plants and their effect on the air quality.

Mythbuster! A review of recent research on the health benefits indoor plants have to offer: National Geographic’s Sarah Gibbens has written a 2019 article about a study Michael Waring did on indoor air quality and plants.

Waring, a Drexel University indoor air quality expert, found that Volatile Organic Compounds (or “VOCs”) are removed at a rate far slower than regular air exchange.

What are Volatile Organic Compounds? Volatile Organic Compounds can easily be converted to vapors or gases from a variety of sources. VOCs can be found in fuels such as gasoline, wood, and coal.

Waring arrived at this conclusion by using the NASA study to calculate the clean air delivery rate (CADR) for each plant. These calculations were then used as standard results to evaluate how “air-filtering plants” performed in comparison to opening windows or using a Monstera Adansonii manual air purifier. He estimated that indoor plants would be needed to improve the air quality by about 10 plants per square feet, which is more than what we typically need in our homes. There are many ways to reduce VOCs in your house, even if Monstera Adansonii cannot purify it.

How to Clean Your Air at Home Monstera Adansonii?

VOCs are everywhere, from furniture to household cleaners to cars and cars. Do you remember that “new car smell?” VOCs are what you’re referring to, friend. Even though the thought of VOCs all around us can be alarming at times, there are some things you can do.

Choose the Best Furniture and Materials Monstera Adansonii

Products in the design industry are continually improving. New manufacturing techniques are also being developed to reduce their impact on the environment and our health. If they are low or zero VOCs, furniture, paints and varnishes, cleaning products, and hobby products, will be listed. McCarter Design interior designers are experts at finding the right furniture and materials for your needs.

Use air Filters to Purify Indoor Air

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters can be extremely useful in cleaning the air. These air purifiers can not only remove airborne chemicals but also remove pathogens, spores, and other contaminants from the air. HEPA filters become more efficient as they get dirty. HEPA filter air purifiers are available in a range of prices, from $60 to $2,500. We can all agree that breathing easier makes it worth the investment.

Let’s clear the air and get back to plants. Even though their purifying properties are minimal, there are many other reasons why plants should be in your home.

Indoor Plants Have Mental Health Benefits

Despite not being able to improve air quality Monstera Adansonii, plants are still beneficial for our mental health.

An Associate Professor at Nippon Medical School in Japan’s Department of Hygiene and Public Health, Dr. Qing Li conducted a 2009 study that examined the effects of plants on mental health. He found that phytoncides, which are aromatic compounds, can influence biological reactions similar to aromatherapy.

Plants can reduce stress and anxiety, and promote healthy habits. The act of caring for a plant can awaken people to the world around them. Even though people are often very focused on their needs, taking care a plant can encourage you to think beyond your day-to-day.

A brighter and more positive mood can be achieved by having plants in your home. Consider the flowers you give to your significant other and the joy they feel when receiving them. A fresh bouquet can also be a sign that you have taken the time to create a pleasing arrangement in your home. Indoor plants offer psychological and physical benefits.

Indoor Plants have many Physical Benefits

A clinical trial that placed plants in recovery rooms yielded positive results, according to Seong-Hyun Park and Richard H. Mattson.

The clinical trial was conducted in a hospital Monstera Adansonii to test the effects of plants on patients who had undergone the same procedure. The trial involved planting plants in half of the patients’ rooms and leaving the control room empty.

Monstera Adansonii’s trial revealed that patients with a plant in their rooms reported feeling less pain, anxiety and fatigue than patients in control rooms. The same patients also had lower systolic blood sugar.

Let’s now discuss how plants can improve your Monstera Adansonii physical and mental health.