Rock Steady Boxing: Expands its Reach

Ingrid Johnson, coach at Rock Steady Boxing Encinitas is helping people to fight Parkinson’s and live happier, healthier lives with Rock Steady Boxing.

Rock Steady Boxing can be found three times per week at Encinitas Boxing Club. A lower intensity class is also offered at Studio Cybrid which is a cycling and boxing facility in Encinitas. Two classes are offered per week at the GOLO Boxing club in Solana Beach.

Johnson stated that research shows that boxing bilaterally uses both brain sides, which aids in brain function, balance, and coordination.

Boxers go through a range of exercises in class. These include punching, speed bag work, jumping rope, and footwork drills. She notices improvements in strength, flexibility, power, gait and balance, as well as a reduction in Parkinson’s symptoms such stiffness, soreness, tremors, stiffness, and soreness. Johnson also trains the voice. Parkinson’s can cause vocal cord damage so Johnson leads exercises to strengthen the vocal chords.

Johnson stated that there are many benefits to this exercise. Johnson stated that everyone notices a difference in their mood immediately.

Johnson will launch new classes at Studio Cybrid called Pedaling For Parkinson’s. This unique spin-and-cycle program is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness and stimulate the brain to help reduce Parkinson’s symptoms.

Johnson, a native from Sweden, is an energetic personal trainer and Pilates instructor who holds a masters degree in exercise science. Johnson stated that she is blessed to have Lenzi Marshall as her coach, a former Marine who is also a personal trainer and boxing instructor.

Johnson stated, “She just has high energy. She’s upbeat. Keeps people moving.” “It’s wonderful.”

The coaches provide motivation, and the classes offer a sense of community for fighters with similar emotional and physical difficulties.

Rock Steady was able to continue helping people through the pandemic, even though they were considered essential services. Although classes were able to move indoors, Johnson enjoyed the outdoors and said that he would have been happy to teach in the fresh air.

Johnson led her fighters outside for exercises in the park and on Zoom while the Encinitas Boxing Gym was being built.

Johnson stated, “Those who have stayed have greatly improved,” Johnson stated, “Everybody stayed well and everyone stayed healthy.”

Johnson also founded Punching for Life, a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives and health of those affected by Parkinson’s. After many years of teaching, Johnson realized that there was an urgent need for extra help. A charitable donation can be made to the nonprofit to help with specialized needs, caregivers, nutrition, and transportation.